Friday, January 31, 2014

I found it!!

So...I found an actual pattern for the anon corner stitch. I'm so happy, this means I can learn the correct way to decrease into a square. :D
Found this totally by accident on tumblr. of course, this project is on hold until I finish catching up with my mood blocks and the baby blanket.

Hope everyone is doing well!
Sole Fida


  1. Now you can do it the right way...of course you learn new stitches so easily that you will have it down in no time at all.

  2. hi, found your blog via the GYB party @2 bags full... i am a crocheter too, a novice at that lol...

    and i became a new follower of your blog

    1. Hi there!! Thank you so much for following me and stopping by I really appreciate it. :D You have a lovely blog yourself and that shawl is so pretty!!


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