Saturday, March 8, 2014

Teddy Bear...I think

So, I was working on a Teddy bear for the giveaway winner, she wants Purple and blue, so I was working with the purple, but the more I did the less I liked that particular purple. But by the time I decided that I didn't want to use that color anymore I had 5 pieces I decided to finish it up in different colors and work on her's again.

I didn't end up with a very...bear looking Ami, but I tried! And I brushed the yarn to make it fuzzy, though I think I liked the unbrushed look better.

Here Teddy is sitting with Corny an ami that I won in a giveaway on facebook! 

And now for something completely weird!  This little yarn frog. They had a pig as well, but I liked the Frog better. :D He was cute and fun, and my mom was kind enough to buy him for me. Isn't she sweet? :D

Sola Fide


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  2. Lets try again...glad you like him as he is cute...enjoy....oh and your little bear is not bad....but like you I prefer the non brushed look better.

  3. Your little bear is very cute. The little yarn frog is precious. Leave it to a mother to make a daughter smile!

  4. Wonderful job on your bear. I bet she loved it very much. The frog is so cute.


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