Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bleached Cotton Yarn

 So after seeing my friend Lizzy bleach some cotton yarn I decided that I wanted to try too!!

First I started with a half skein of this super bright orange I had, I forgot to take a before shot, but I did have the washcloth I'd made with the original color...Lucky me! So it started out as this garish orange, and when I bleached it it turned into this very pretty orange and cream color. I was SO happy!!!

After balling it up I decided to make coasters for my teapot and cup. :D then with the remaining yarn I worked up into a set for my mom as well. It's a really great colors, I love the variegated look. 

Since I had such good results with the first try I went out and bought some pink and purple cotton. I had some yellow already so decided to throw that in as well. 

The purple dyed really well, and had a slight ombre look to it. The pink however, as soon as it touched the bleach water it started fading and before I could pull it out the bleach had sucked most of the color out. I'm not really pleased with the result of it. 

I haven't made anything with these yet, but I will soon I think. I might experiment with making water toys for summer, but instead of filling them with cotton stuff them with kitchen sponges instead. Who might work!

Sole Fide


  1. Super cool! I didn't get to do my bleaching earlier this week, so hopefully I'll have time over the weekend!!

    1. Yay bleaching!!! I'm thinking about trying to do some variegated cotton yarn and see what happens with that :D Good luck with yours. :D

  2. After your good results with this process I may have to try this myself...yours turned out great, even the lightly colored pink...would make for a great baby project.


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