Friday, April 25, 2014

Crochet Hook Case

So, since my mom gave me clay covered hooks for christmas my hooks no longer fit into my store bought case. I was fooling around with a new stitch the other day, a double V stitch and after making a random swatch with the gray I was like, oooh this would be PERFECT for a case. So I started over, made it longer and viola! I did ten rows of gray and five rows of the deep pink (Yes, it's pink and not red)
Then when that was done I made the front panel. It was five rows if pink and three of the gray. Then I crocheted the edges to the larger panel. Then came the tedious part. I started with my largest hook and placed it behind the panel and started sewing it in with the gray yarn so it looks seamless. I did this for each hook, so each hook has it's own slot that's just big enough and tight enough for it's matching hook. I was so glad to be done with it lol.

Here you can see it hanging on the wall, and my wall of geek. Oh and Data and Geordi approving of my great crochet skills yo!
 Here is all laid out with my little manicure turned sewing kit tucked into the remaining space after the hooks were sewn in.  (Seriously, I bought that manicure set for $2 and took all the tools out and it now holds my needles, bobby pin stitch markers and scissors. Best idea ever)
Folded up and ready for travel! I think I did awesomely...just saying. Although I don't think Commander Riker is impressed much.

Can you guys tell I really like Star Trek? Sadly, I finished the last season of Star Trek: The next generation the day I finished this. :( I'm so sad... I've been trying to watch Deep Space Nine, but I haven't been able to get into makes me sad! DS9 was my mom's favorite one because of Commander Sisko I'll keep watching it, but if it doesn't get more interesting for me I'll have to watch something else to get my sci-fi fix.

What do you guys watch or do while you crochet or craft?

Sole Fide


  1. Just popping in to say that I love your crochet hook holder...very nice...

  2. Great hook holder! That's a beautiful job. I made one a couple of years ago when I saw one on a hookery blog from Ireland. But mine is made of fabric, not crocheted. Yours is excellent! And I LOVE your idea of putting little bobbles in that sewing kit -- genius!!!
    We're also long-term Start Trek fans. My hubby and I watched ALL the Next Generation shows when we were newly married -- it was a huge weekly event for us. LOVE it. Never could get into DS9; I think it's because it's a station, and they never GO anywhere. Just didn't work for me. Then, we watched Voyager, and I really liked it. Not as good as Next Gen, but still very good. I'll never forget how terrified I was of the borg. Shiver!!!!

    1. Thanks! My mom was going to make me one out of fabric, but I was impatient and made my own instead lol.
      I'm trying to get into DS9 but it's not on my favorites list. I want to watch it so I can say I've watched all of the Star wars episodes of all the different sets. xD


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