Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day

I hope all of the mothers out there had a very happy Mother's day. I'm not yet a mother so It was really just another day for me. 

I made Middle Eastern cumin meatballs and mashed potato's for dinner for my Momma, and it was surprisingly good. I can't eat beef so I substituted ground beef for ground venison (deer meat!) And I was really surprised at the outcome. I don't usually do anything like this, I'm more of a soup cooker. I followed the recipe pretty much except for the sauce. It needed a lot of work...next time I'm going to try instant potato's as a thickener, watery sauces aren't my thing. I didn't get photo's, sadly I forgot. But the 3lbs of meatballs were gone so I guess that means it was good!

Now on to the gift! I was really at a loss on what to give my mom this year as I'm currently jobless so had no funds to buy her anything. So, of course I turn to my handy hook and yarn! 

Just a tip...never wait till the last few days...it's a really bad idea. 

I had roughly 9 skeins of Lion Brand Homespun laying in my stash, most of which was already planned for a blanket for my mom I just hadn't been able to decide on a pattern. So I got out my super big Q hook and paired two strands of yarn and got to work. Overall I used 11 skeins (I had to go get more!)  The main color was Sierra and Tudor and I edged it with Wildfire. 

After the first section...it was SOOO heavy. My arms and shoulders hurt so bad lol. My wrist suffered to, but I pressed on. And got the entire thing done in two nights. It's 38in wide and 6ft long. And so..heavy and soft. It'll be great when the cold weather rolls back around. 

Sole Fida


  1. How nice of you to do something for your mom... She's a lucky mother....

  2. Thank you for my lovely blanket Bliss! I love, love, love it! And of course you know already how good the dinner was that you cooked for me...last but not least was the great dvd of my favorite musical! Cats! your the best! Love you, mom

  3. I see from your mom's comment that all your thoughtful efforts were well received ;) I love the blanket, it really does look like an extra snuggly one ... but I sure don't want to think about cold weather just yet!!! Enjoying some spring days now are such a relief! Wendy x


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