Saturday, July 5, 2014

Birthday Haul!

Hi guys!! I know I've been really super quiet in the past month. And, I have a more or less good reason for it. My Birthday. You see, most people get excited at the approach of their name-day. I generally don't, so I tend to hermit for a lot of June. I do however get excited afterwards. We usually don't celebrate ON the day because I prefer to celebrate when my dad is home. (He's a Truck driver so he's not always to be home on the actual day.)

So! My birthday was on June 27th, and I turned 24(!) years old. I have no idea what that' supposed to feel like, I wasn't even sure what 23 felt like and I was that for a whole year lol. I received a lot of birthday wishes via social media. Some I just rolled my eyes at. I really don't understand why people like to wish another a happy birthday if they don't speak to each other at any other time of the year. It just befuddles me!

The next day I received
THE best birthday card EVER from my best friend in New York.  And a gift card for BOOKS!! I love books, I read all the time. :D She knows me SO well. :D

I grabbed four books, Fire and Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore, which completes my Graceling Series. A Hero's Lot  by Patrick W. Carr which is the second book in The Staff and the Sword Series. And Sultana: A Novel of Moorish Spain By Lisa J. Yarde Books! like I said. I love them. :D

I've actually read Fire before, but I don't have on Kindle and my hardcopy is packed away at the moment so I was thrilled to be able to purchase it and Bitterblue so I could complete my collection. I read the first book of The Staff and Sword Series, (A cast of stones) over a year ago when my mom received it as a book to review. I devoured it, and I couldn't wait to read the rest. So now I have the first two books in kindle version and I actually have the 3rd in the series in hard copy that my mom received to review as well. And I can't wait to dive in. :D

Then today after I woke up and went into the living room with my knitting (more on that in a post coming next week I think) And my brother hands me this HUGE (1178 pages) book. The Lord of the Rings 50th Anniversary edition. It's SO nice. I was so touched. I mentioned the last time we were in the store that I wanted to read LotR to see how well it matched up with the movies, since I read The Hobbit after I saw the first movie. :D I have the bestest brother EVER

Alright, now that's enough of the books portion, now for the Yarn portion. :D  So the older I get the more often actual gifts from my parents come in the form of money. Which is great, because it means I can get things I either want or need. However there's always a stipulation. I'm not allowed to spend the money on anyone but myself. And while that SEEMS like an easy feat for some, that is not so easy for me. lol.

This year though I've managed quiet well. Hobby Lobby was having a sale on yarn and Yarnolgy knitting/crochet notions this past week, so yesterday I went yarn shopping. I had a blast, going through their yarn.

Here's a photo of just the yarn that I bought. ^^

From bottom to top left to right colors are: I love this yarn: white, yellow, mulberry, peacock, menthe, royal, grape (I know it looks blue but it's not I promise) jelly bean, cranberry, hot rose, white, crafters secret: splash, I love this yarn: iced violet and crafters secret splash. The smaller ones on the top are I love this cotton in: pistache, turquoise and amethyst. 

LOOK at all that awesomeness!!!

The two Crafters secret skeins are going into the afghan I'm making my dad for his birthday. They are super soft and have 355 yards/325meters/199grams of yarn for only $2.99 a skein! It's softer than Redheart's With Love, and only 33 cents more expensive for almost the same amount of yarn in their super-saver acrylic yarn (with love has 370y/338m/198g for $3.27, and the super saver is 364y/333m/198g only less soft at $2.77 per skein.)  I think I will most likely shop Hobby Lobby yarn far more often now than Redheart super saver yarn. I still rather like the thickness of With love.

The 12 skeins of I love this Yarn are 355y/325m/199g and are SUPER soft. I really love the feel of this acrylic yarn. It's cost is $3.99 a skein and well worth the little bit of extra (27 cents) as it's much softer than Redheart's With love line, and there are FAR more colors available. Woo!

This is my first time buying cotton yarn outside of the peaches and cream brand that you find at wal-mart. Which as most American's know is really thick cotton that works great for dish and wash clothes but not so great for other projects like afghans and wearable items. Peaches and cream is $1.27 for 120y/109m/71g  The I Love This Cotton was $2.66 (on sale normally $3.29) for 180y/165m/100g. It's also super soft... perfect for a scarf or hat or even afghan. I'm excited to try it out and work with it. I haven't decided just yet what I'm going to do with them. I thought I'd just make dishcloths, but now I think I might make a scarf, or maybe a pillow, with them.

As you can see from this photo that I did not just buy yarn. :D invested in some knitting needles too! The clear ones are acrylic and were on sale for $3.60 per package. I bought the set of two and my mom bought the other set for me (She's so awesome) The large set of wooden needles are a size 35/19mm and I plan on using them for scarves. :D They were $11.99 but with a 40% off coupon I got them for $7.19 quiet a steal I should say. I also got a set of 5 DPN's (double pointed needles for those that don't knit) and they are a size 4/3.5mm and I got these for socks! :D They were on sale for $3.37 (normally $4.49) And then I bought a set of darning needles as I'm always losing mine. >.<  And I also grabbed a few bags of safety eyes. I've been satisfied with the plain black safety eyes from hobby lobby and they are only .99cents. So for now I will continue to use them. :D And that was my haul!
Surprise! My brother snapped this while I was trying to set up the yarn and such. (and if you look just behind the knitting needs and beside the white and green yarn you can see the grape I love this yarn, looks a little more purple here. xD 

17 skeins of yarn, 7 sets of knitting needles, 4 bags of safety eyes, and darning needles. All for under $90. I think I did pretty great :D  The ONLY problem I have now is finding a place to put it all lol.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my birthday haul (and I hope I didn't bore you too much)

I hope everyone had a great July 4th weekend!

Sola Fide


  1. Was fun shopping with you Bliss! Glad you had a good Happy Birthday! Enjoy your haul and I cannot wait to see what you make with all that lovely yarn.

  2. Wow! That mountain of yarn looks great!


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