Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Yarny Art (And 50th Post)

(For those who've seen my previous post Comic-con panels and crochet, I thought I'd share the link to the playlist I was watching, in case you were curious or interested in watching for yourself. :D It was uploaded by Nerd HQ. Comic-Con 2014 Nerd HQ Panels I watched about half of them yesterday and will possibly watch more today. :D )
On to today's post topic!
Fairytale-about-a-Yarn-tree By Kidy-kat

For those that are unaware, I am a part of the art site, DeviantArt (You can find me here- Blissful-Creations If you like.) And today I decided to do a little feature of some yarn related art. :D I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!!
Bridgette-Yarn-Zombie By Echo-x

Morning Yarn Painting 3 by Jujirai
AT-Derp Yarn By Shear-Rohark

Scene from an Untold-Fairytale By Mlauritano

Sole Fida 

le gasp!!! This is my 50th post!! Who woulda known I would do that many!

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  1. lovely yarn art! the first is my favorite, but they are all wonderful...


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