Wednesday, August 6, 2014


So, I've been doing the Stitch-cation hosted by The Crochet Crowd and this is my progress so far! I'm using "I love this yarn" And a 4.25mm crochet hook. 
Unique Granny Square 1
Back loops square 1

Popcorn stitch 1

Double crochet slip stitch 1

Backloops only 2

Treble front post 1

Unique Granny Square
All 7 together so far!

Botched back loop only block. It was WAY smaller than it needed to be. xD

 Sola Fide


  1. great looking blocks Bliss...

  2. This is so much fun. I did it then stitched them all together to make a 'man' blanket. I like your afghan blanket too. See mine here


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