Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I've started a new one! I'm using Redheart unforgettable boutique yarn, double stranded to make this one. I had three skeins hanging around so I thought I'd do some mindless crocheting with it.

 I liked it SO much that I went ahead and bought a TON (18) Skeins from Joann's when I caught them on sale. Hopefully that will be enough, but if it's not...then I will buy more!

And do you remember this stack of squares?

I finally put them all together in November to create this afghan:

I'm like, crazy proud of this one too. It took ages! I ended up giving it to my mom's sister for her birthday. She needed a handmade hug. I can't wait to work on another one...I kind of want to make one for my best friend for Christmas next year, but we'll see. 

I managed to start and complete, 5 (FIVE!?) Afghan's in 2014...I think that's quiet a feat...don't you? 

Let's rehash!

In February
I finished an afghan for my yet-to-be-born grand-neice

In May

I made my Mom a lapghan for mother's day. (Gosh that one made my arms HURT for days)

I can't remember the exact date that I finished this next one...because I just realized I never posted it on my blog!?  (But I think it was in August)

It's a corner to corner afghan, I used Lion Brand homespun yarn that I found on sale for 75% off at wal-mart. I used 6 skeins total and an H hook.

And then in July I made this one

For my Dad's birthday. 

So five afghans in a year is NOT shabby at all...I never thought I would complete one afghan, ever, let alone five in a single year (and now six total) Who knows what I might accomplish this year!


  1. The colours in your latest blanket go so well together. Well done.

  2. Wow! All five are just wonderful Bliss! Of course I love mine! They all turned out really well and I know that Misty loves hers as well. I am looking forward to seeing the newest one develop along with your projects for this year. I think a total of five blankets in a year is a grand accomplishment. Have a great week! Miss you much, and love you, mom.

  3. Five afghans in a year is a lot of work, well done. Love the bright coloured squares afghan.

  4. LOVE the colors in The Red Heart Botique yarn, I must check that out. Had to laugh reading you bought 18 skeins, I've been known to do that, lol. And the blue and brown ghan is very interesting, I like different.........and it most unique, very striking!


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