Thursday, January 1, 2015


I hope that everyone had as great of a Christmas Holiday as I did! I'm going to share a bit of it with you, in photo's...enjoy!

Loots from my stocking! So much star wars awesomeness!!

My neice's and nephew's many gifts, ready to unwrap :D

Playing battleship with my dad with my new tablet....he was winning -_- lol

My brother did SO good this year, he gave me this set of R2-D2 Measuring cups, they are so awesome!

My brother also gave me these stacking mugs. Aren't they just so awesome? 

Two notebooks with one of my favorite themes...

Pez! Star wars! What's not to love? 

I have to say, this is one of the best things that was in my stocking this year. A death star infuser! I've used it so much already :D 

Jazmine being extra sassy for the camera at our family get together this year

The tree at my Grandparent's house...I think someone broke some lights xD

Little elf house stuck in the christmas tree at the mall

Gotta love HUGE designer trees. 

And the best Christmas gift was that my Daddy was home with us. I would have been happy if that's all we'd gotten.


  1. So glad you liked all the goodies in your stocking...I felt all geeked out after getting all of it for you! Glad R made it home as well...LOVE YOU MUCH BLISS! Glad you had a great Christmas!

  2. You had a wonderful Star Wars Christmas!! Looks like you don't even have to write a list of things you'd like, everyone just knows ;) Here we baked up some cookies with Star Wars cookie cutters ... have you ever seen them? We have two sets, one of characters and one of the ships. Only a few of the ships crashed and burned before they made it into the cookie tin. I should make another batch and share some photos on my blog for you. Keep an eye out for that ;) Happy New Year Bliss! And yes, it was through Grow your Blog that I found your blog! I won't be joining up this year though as I found it was a lot of work to write the post and visit all those blogs.
    Wendy x


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