Friday, January 23, 2015

Grow Your Blog + Updates and Things

Hi!! How is everyone!? I feel like it's been ages since I wrote a post here (though it really hasn't been THAT long) 

This post will serve two purposes. First, my Grow your Blog post (which is a blog party hosted by Vikki from 2 Bags Full) and secondly to help update my active readers with all the details on my life and crafting of late! 

If this is your first time visiting; Welcome! I'm glad you stopped by and I hope you like my blog enough to stay for a bit. 

Crafty things first!!

 Up first for our lineup today is my Viking Helmet!

My friend, Ken, is a viking nut, he likes all things historical but he has a fondness for viking things. So when I found a pattern that I liked, I knew I HAD to make it for him. It was a little difficult at first, but once I figured out how it was all supposed to go together I managed to pull it off.  And as you can see Ken just loved it.

A sidenote: Ken, his wife and I have been friends for eight years now on the web, and two weeks ago I was finally able to meet him as he was heading to Texas for a job opportunity. That was AMAZING. For me there is always a worry that I won't get along with someone as well off a computer as I do through one. But my worry was unfounded. And, he gives the best hugs, and I needed one badly that day.  So yay!!!

Next up is a KNITTED Infinity scarf (that I'm super proud of by the way)

 I had a lot of time on my hands the week before last, and I had this yarn from Yarn Bee that's 70% wool and 30% acrylic and I wasn't sure what to do with it, so I finally decided on a scarf. I tried to crochet it at first but I didn't like the way it was working up, so I knitted instead! It took two skeins of Melody bulky in Fairy tale to complete it on 13mm needles in just a simple knit stitch. It's 20 stitches wide, and I'm not sure how many rows long. It's really soft too! I've never worked with wool before so it was a rather interesting texture for me. I can't decide if I like it yet or not xD I do however like the scarf.

Up next is my most recent project (this past week infact); A tablet cover.

 One of the things I recieved for Christmas was a tablet for school, and while I like the cover that it came with it, I don't use the attached keyboard as much as I thought I would. And so I went on a search for an open faced tablet cover. I could not find one single pattern for that type of cover. There were plenty of pouch type covers but none like what I wanted. So...for the first time I ever I improvised and created my own cover with my own pattern I'm quite proud of it to be honest. And I already have plans to make another refining a few details. I do have plans on documenting (or at least trying) The next one a bit better so I can make a post with the pattern soon!

And now some Amigurumi!

 The warrior bunny is my favorite by far, she was so much fun to make! She was also a gift for a friend who is not a girly girl and is into games like Skyrim and such. So I decided to make a warrior bunny! The sword and shield were fun to play around with and I was happy they turned out so well.
The peacock I made for my mom on her birthday, since she collects them. The original pattern (which I've seemed to have lost >.< ) Was for a thanksgiving turkey, but I felt it would make a perfect peacock with the colors changed. And it did!
The pink wip in the corner is sadly still unfinished and the pieces miles and miles away back home. But I thought I'd share the poor thing anyway so it would feel the love too ;) 

This one is just some random bits and bobs that you might enjoy looking at  ^.^ 

And finally a collage relating to school!

Hello to all of the people visiting from the Blog hop! Here's a little info about me! :D 

My name is Bliss and I'm 24 years old. I live in Alabama (when I'm not in uni) And I go to school in Dallas Texas at a Bible college. I love to crochet, and I've been teaching myself to knit. I'm also a radical child of God. In the past my blog has been all about crochet and craft things but I will probably be regaling all of you with stories that I find amusing or touching from my days at college. Sometimes I will review a book or music, depending on my mood. 

I love purple, and yarn. I have more yarn in my tiny little dorm than I probably should have lol. Anyway, I hope you stay for awhile and follow me! I love interacting with you guys! 

(and now for the update part of the feel free to switch over to another post or blog for more photos. :) ) 

January 5th I left home for Dallas Texas, to return to college after more than a year off. It's been an interesting month to be sure, and now it's almost over. 

I've officially survived my first week of classes (I think lol) And I'm already a little ahead in my reading. When I started my first semester in August '13 I never thought I'd make it through the first day let alone the first week and the next four months, but I did. And now I'm finally back and this time has been much easier for me than the last. I'm not as homesick, and already God is teaching me so much. 

For those curious; I'm attending Christ for the Nations institute in Dallas Texas, it's a ministry college that I've dreamed about going to since I was nine years old. I'm 24 now, so that's a long time to hold onto a dream, but I am SO glad I did. 

I'm taking eight classes in total and have a load of class work already, fun stuff!! And if you guys are interested in hearing more about my classes and such I'd be happy to share, but I don't want to turn my readers off by over sharing if there isn't any interest for it. ^^

Anyway! Yeah. I'm at school now! It's great and fun, my roommates are awesome so far, and I'm glad that I get to sleep in tomorrow lol. 

I hope you guys have had a good January and for those of you who are new to my blog I hope to see you around again! :D 

Sola Fide 


  1. That's great that you've gone back to college Bliss!! Congratulations on biting the bullet as they say ;) I know it's always a bit difficult to get back into the swing of things when you step away from it for a while. When I finished high school I didn't know what to do as the next step and was out of school for two years. I finally made the decision to go to college, and although I was a couple of years older than my classmates, I realized I had a maturity that many of them didn't. I also had a better appreciation for education having agonized over it for two years! So good for you! I love all your knitted & crocheted items. The viking hat is one of a kind ... where are the horns?! And that warrior bunny is adorable (or should I say fierce!). Enjoy your party hopping today. Wendy x

  2. Great post Bliss...I did not realize how much crochet you had completed over this past year, but looking through the blog you have made a great deal! Yay for you. And of course you know how proud I am of you and for you! Take care sweet girl, love you and miss you bunches. Mom.

  3. On behalf of Vicki @ Two Bags Full, and myself, welcome to the Grow Your Blog Blog Hop! You have a nice blog, I'm sure a lot of knitters will be adding you today!

  4. Hi Blissy.
    Thanx for following me at Christ in me! I'm a radical daughter too! I was blown away by your Viking helmet! Looking forward to following your path.
    God bless!

  5. Hi Bliss, you are very talented. I'm following and will be back to visit soon.

  6. Love your waving blue bird! So nice to meet you - have fun on the tour!

  7. Your creations are a delight, Blissy! Thanks for visiting me on GYB :) Congrats on fulfilling your dreams and all my best to you :)

  8. Hi Blissy, I love all the things you created and I love the tablet cover especially!

  9. You seem to be really good at crochet. That is neat you made your own tablet cover. Love all your afghans! I have only crocheted scarves, never dabbled in knitting. Cross stitch is more my thing.
    I too love purple ~Jessica

  10. Cute tablet cover..I like crocheting too, but I am only a beginner :-)


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