Friday, February 6, 2015

School Things & New Project

Hi Everyone!! 

Well, it's February! (in case you guys missed it ;) ) Where did January GO!? I know where it went for me. The first couple of weeks were transition and the past two weeks I've been doing school again. It's SO exhausting lol. But I'm loving it. 

I'm finally ahead in my required reading so I feel like I can DO other things besides school stuff again. (thankfully, I was having serious crochet and netflixing cravings.) I still have tons of reading to do, but it's more manageable now that I'm ahead, and I'm hoping and praying that I'll be able to stay ahead. 

This semester so far is everything that I dreamed it would be. God is doing so much in me right now that it's hard to even grasp it all. One of the biggest changes and gifts that He's given me this year is peace. For the first time in as long as I can remember I'm not walking in a constant state of fear. I haven't had one anxiety attack since I've been here. For me, this is a true miracle. Over the past few years I had become so used to living with this fear inside of me that when it was gone, I felt...lost. The change was so drastic that for a while I wanted it to come back so I would have something familiar. I still have a long way to go for sure, but being able to walk around outside without the fear of a stranger talking to me, liberating. Strangers still talk to me, but I no longer fear those interactions as I did before. The effect this has had on my mood and my general outlook on life is indescribable. 
I mean to be able to interact and to talk to people with a confidence and boldness that hasn't been there since I was a young child, is great. I'm still a bit shy and an introvert, but I'm having conversations during the breaks, and not suffocating in my own irrational anxieties. And that has truly made these past few weeks far more fun than I would have thought. 

I'm really enjoying my classes as well. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday's I have New Testament Survey with an Emphasis on Jewish history, Systematic Theology, Community Impact and Practical Theology Lecture. On Tuesday's and Thursdays I have Holy Spirit, and the Christian woman along with PT Lecture. On Tuesday evenings I have a night class that's awesome. It's really more like church than class, but there is a quiz on it at the end of the week lol.  Monday evenings I have prayer related to my Community Impact class and on Thursday evenings I am helping teach Worship Dance to 4-12 year old girls, also in relation to my Community Impact class. 

Last week I was somehow roped (not really) Into doing a drama with my Community Impact class for the neighborhood kids. ME? In front of a room full of people doing...acting!? Ha!...It happened though and I have video to prove it! Though I can't seem to get it spliced together to upload to youtube sadly. :( It was fun though. However, Saturday's are my 'no people' days lol so I'm not sure I'll be doing that again. I really need a day to just recoup from all the interactions of the week. (Yay for introversion) 

So yeah, school has been great and I can't wait to see what the rest of the semester brings!

A little video of the Women's Chapel last week (We have women's chapel on the last Tuesday of each month, in place of normal chapel)

My roomie An, collaged me! xD 

Sleeping during NT Survey...tsk tsk

Now! We can get on with my newest project :D I'm doing a CAL that I saw on instagram by Obsessivecrochetdisorder, except instead of doing the one kind of block I'm doing three kinds. :D 

So here is my first block! 

The pattern is Sharing is Caring By Spincushions It's a great pattern! I loved it!

So then I decided that I wanted to add a granny I did! 

Crocheting in the park behind my dorm!

Then I decided to add a solid granny square!

So now I have six blocks! (well almost) But I'm doing them in sets of three and they are going to be solid until I run out of color from the skein and then I'll add another color on whatever block I'm working on at that time. 

I'm using stylecraft special DK, and this current color is pomegranate, the blocks are 5x5 So they are really small, but then I am using a 4mm hook so that's not really surprising! 

So Anyway that's what I'm up to these are you guys!? 


  1. Sounds like going back to school has been the best thing for you Bliss! How brave to be facing these challenges and not holding back. Being a shy person myself when I was younger (age sort of minimizes shyness), I can understand how intimidating all of this can be. Now that you've come out of your shell, I'll bet you won't be feeling shy much anymore. My daughter told me that she has to do a skit in a children's lit class at university. She's shy too. The worst part though is that they are opening the skits to the public!! She's laughing now, but I know this is going to be hard for her. I almost want to go and see it, but it's not a convenient time ... darn it! Enjoy your weekend, and your crochet blocks look great! Love that colour :) Wendy

  2. Yay for you Bliss! I am so proud of you and what you are accomplishing this term at school. Missing you bunches, but so happy you are doing well. Love the crochet project and am looking forward to seeing this one progress. I miss not being able to walk in your room to see what you are working on.:) Glad you are finding time to be able to crochet again and will be looking forward to the updates. Love you, mom.


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