Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A is for Ariel and Auvergnasse

Sola Fide


  1. Ooh, I love those snowflakes! Great start to the challenge :-)

  2. Visiting your blog via the challenge and so glad because I recently started crocheting and I want to see more of your posts now!

  3. Good way to start the challenge. Hope you can find lots of crocheting patterns. What I'd really like to know along with it though, is HOW to make it, too! Can you put directions on?

    Donna Smith

  4. auvergnasse- what a wonderful word- it got be intrigued straightaway - had to quickly scroll down to see what it was all about

  5. What a lovely blog and a great snowflake design!

  6. Lovely crochet pattern. So delicate. My daughter and I discuss the best Disney princesses. I like Ariel but she's not such a fan. I really like her on the TV show Once Upon a Time.


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