Monday, April 6, 2015

E is for Earphones & Easter

I crocheted over my earbud wire so maybe it wouldn't get tangled so often!! I plan on doing my other set as well as the charging cable for my phone as well as I have time. (Also do you even know how hard it was to come up with a crochet idea for the letter E? was hard lol) 


So, I don't really dress up for Easter...but I kind of did yesterday cause I felt amazing and had gotten enough sleep for the first time in over a week. :D And I felt particularly sassy and confident in myself. 


Sola Fide


  1. Hey sassy girl! You are so beautiful! I need to do my phone cord as well or maybe I should wait until summer break and let you do it for me.:) Love and miss you much B, love ya mom.

  2. Yeah for being sassy! Earbuds...the way I perspire crocheting the cord to my earbuds wouldn't be a good idea, I usually only wear them when out walking for exercise.

    Sandy at Bridge and Beyond

  3. Ha! Crocheting earbuds...that just may work!


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