Saturday, April 18, 2015

L is for Land Before Time

Land Before Time was and is one of my favorite childhood movies. It's baby dinosaurs! What more do you need? :D 

Also, as you can see I've kind of left off the crocheting part of my theme, because I simply don't have the amount of time I thought I would. And I seem to have caught a chest cold in the past week so it's rather hard to focus on crochet projects at the moment. 

I have less than a month left of school before I head home for the summer though! So that's exciting!!

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  1. Oh my godoness! I love land before time I used to own all the cassettes (still do), Although now I have them on DVD. It's always heartwarming to go back and rewatch them and occasionally sing along with (all) the songs.
    My favorite song will always be "big water" "Boring" "girls and dads" and my all time favorite "Always there"! What's your favorites?
    Sarah, spike, ducky And Chomper are my favorite characters, who was yours?


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